Friday, April 23, 2010

South St Burger Co

Have you ever heard of Buzz Agents? I had not until about 5 years ago when I became one. Basically it's a word of mouth thing for marketers. Buzz Agents get free or heavily discounted shit and then tell their friends all about it.

Win - win!

Well, I'm one of them. High five to free stuff! Particularly VEGGIE BURGERS.

God damn. South St Burger Co is an offshoot of New York Fries. But better. Because they have burgers. Slightly disadvantaged because they have fewer locations (and not that good for downtown dwellers like myself).

So there's what i don't like. What I do like is a pretty good veggie burger with NEW YORK FRIES on the side (oh yes). Only instead of being in hideous malls (like NY Fries) that consume insane amounts of energy, 5 South St Burger Co locations are using Bullfrog. Not bad.

They also buy meat from small, co-op farms apparently.

And they have better toppings than Harveys. BAM. I said it.

Apparently if you like Meat the burgers are one of the best in the city. I'd say the veggie burger sure ranks up there...not sure about "best" just yet, but I could eat it daily.

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