Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Globe Haul

Here's the deal:

Globe gave me one of their bikes, the Haul, for a few months to try out. In exchange, I get to write a little about it.

Frankly, win-win.

When I first got the shoulder tap to take part I immediately started drooling over the Roll. Sweet bike. Very sweet looking. Agressive, flip-flop hub so I can ride single speed instead of fixie, and not too far off the road bike ('87 Bianchi) that I normally ride.

But the options were the Live or the Haul and I took the Haul.

Here's the first thing I noticed: cycling doesn't have to be so intense all the time. On the ride to work this morning I was continuously reminding myself that there was no need to tense up my back or shoulders. That I could sit up straight and see what was around me. That I can still ride pretty fast without hunching over and bearing down.

I might just start taking my time a little more.

1 comment:

  1. I tried this bike out this morning and while it IS super comfy trying to go fast on it will make you feel a bit like Miss Gulch. And there are definetly times when you need to speed (i.e Wrong Gear Garys and pedal-coast Carols)