Friday, October 30, 2009

The Macallan - or - gimme more scotch!

I know it's hard for you to imagine, but despite my impeccable and dapper appearance I know next to zilch about Scotch.

KNEW next to zilch.

A marketing company was in touch and spoke to me about attending a Scotch tasting. Booze + me? Didn't take long to accept (poor planning on my part, Rap's home opener that night).

Brought a couple of buds and sat down for some tasting.

Here's the thing about tastings. You learn a lot. It's nothing that I'm likely to repeat in front of friends because that's just a bit pompous, no? But it is very interesting and if ever your friends are patiently waiting to cheers, toast and imbibe, you can piss them off by slowing down that process; explaining that the casks were air-dried and then filled with sherry for a couple of years etc...which they will inevitably not give a shit about.

So what should you give a shit about? Buying me the best damn scotch I've ever had. Macallan 18 year.

We tried the 12 year, 15, 18, and 21. The reaction was all the same: 18 won. Our scotch teacher for the night (who was amazing and has the best job in the world) reminded us that saying one scotch is better than another is stupid as it's subjective, but seriously...this is pretty damn good.

So if you're looking to buy me any presents this year, how about a little tipple?

The Macallan Man and his ice-sphere - my new hero.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Look out!

I had no idea this was even happening, but god bless Star Wars fans everywhere.

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

Side note: I'm attending a scotch tasting tomorrow (The Macallan) so I intend to type something incredibly witty following the event.

Be prepared for genius.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Who has $500?

Note that this is just page 1 of 6. Amazing.

Bobbing For Weiners

Completely random and only because it makes me laugh, is a video of Neko bobbing for weiners.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Google Trike

I've just given up on my dream to be a city councillor. Instead I wish to be the Google Trike rider.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh you clever advertisers...

WIND Mobile is coming to Toronto and Calgary soon. So they made some ads...I like.

Screw you, Rogers.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The City Is Amazing

What does it take to become a city councillor? How do I get to be one?

I've decided it's my second calling in life. I'll fight to get you speed bumps, parking on your streets, laneways named after you. The usual.

I'm not even kidding.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Schomberg Fair

Sometimes I have these moments where I smack myself in the face and say, "what the hell took you so long?"

I've been friends with one of the nicest and most genuine people you'll ever meet for a little while now. I've known he played in a band forever, but to date had not seen them or heard them.

I'd heard great things, meant to see or hear them, but hadn't. Probably because I'm a huge A-hole.

This morning I finally made it to their Myspace page and I think you should too.

The band is called The Schomberg Fair and you can listen to them HERE.

And I highly recommend you do.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Globe Haul

Here's the deal:

Globe gave me one of their bikes, the Haul, for a few months to try out. In exchange, I get to write a little about it.

Frankly, win-win.

When I first got the shoulder tap to take part I immediately started drooling over the Roll. Sweet bike. Very sweet looking. Agressive, flip-flop hub so I can ride single speed instead of fixie, and not too far off the road bike ('87 Bianchi) that I normally ride.

But the options were the Live or the Haul and I took the Haul.

Here's the first thing I noticed: cycling doesn't have to be so intense all the time. On the ride to work this morning I was continuously reminding myself that there was no need to tense up my back or shoulders. That I could sit up straight and see what was around me. That I can still ride pretty fast without hunching over and bearing down.

I might just start taking my time a little more.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Paper vs. Computer

Speaking about the future....

I, for one, like this concept. It's creative, mostly intuitive (though has some issues that need to be worked out before production), and interactive. Instant note sharing? Yes please.

If this somehow incorporated a phone feature I might get rid of my iPhone. Or at least my work blackberry.

Courier User Interface from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

Mobile Communications

I don't normally like to bring work into my personal blog, but this video is pretty good food for thought.