Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Young Smokers In Love...With Smoking

I smoked for over 10 years. It sucked. If you asked me to name the worst part of smoking, I'd say all of it. If you asked me the best part, I'd say how cool I looked (I'm sure I looked just like James Dean).

If you asked this lady what the best part of smoking is, I bet she doesn't say the same thing. And I bet she says it in a raspy voice similar to that of Cobra Commander.

I see women like this at my office all the time. Wrinkled and hunched with age, fingers and teeth yellowed by years of cigarettes. I don't want to sound too cruel, but it's fucking awful.

I work on some "smoking cessation" brands so I hear all kinds of focus group info and it's all the same. Smokers will say they'll quit when they're ready and when they want to. We have to tip-toe around the word "addiction" because consumers don't respond well to it.

Here's a news flash: If you've been smoking for more than a year and you're not listening to the logic that smoking is disgusting and severely fucks with your health, then you're probably fucking addicted.

I know it sucks quitting. It can be hard as hell. I quit cold turkey 3 times. This last time for good (it's been over 5 years, I believe). I went through some foul moods and nearly pushed a few people down stairs, but it's worth it.

The sooner you man up and do it the better.

The last thing I want is my friends to end up looking like this.

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  1. 2.5 months smoke-free. Woohoo! I hate to be a salesman, but Allan Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking was the best thing that happened to me.