Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wedding frenzy

Now I don't want to be all wedding guy on you, but holy shit I got married and it was the best fucking day of my life.

If you were there I love you. If you weren't I probably do love you and I'm sorry I didn't invite you. Here's the kicker about weddings, and the advice that rang true the most: inevitably someone is going to be pissed off, hurt, or otherwise hate your fucking guts. Best you can do is move on. Worst you can do is try to please everyone.

God knows I wanted all my friends there, but there's no way we could have packed a) the ceremony room tighter, b) my apartment tighter/hotter, or c) Terroni tighter/hotter.

A looked amazing/stunning/holyshitimarriedthehottestgirlever, no religious stuff in the service, quick service, picketers let us through, father in law's speech, brother's speech, parents were amazing, drinks were flowing, champagne all over my walls/friends pants, more food than you could throw at a medieval knight, terroni staff kicked ass (adelaide location, cantina room was fantastic), everyone looked fucking awesome, out of towners, stories of booty calls, not sweating too much, not barfing or passing out during the ceremony, being macho and rad.


  1. It was honestly the highlight of my year so far. Most fun/awesome night ever. If someone is pissed off, they can suck it, cause you and A. Brown are super rad! YAY!

  2. A. Pogue!

    i loved the night. coming back to work is certainly a dreary affair in comparison.

  3. I'm glad to see my two messiest moments of the year (so far) made your list of highlights.

  4. they were actually highlights of my life. behind only birth and marriage.