Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 Etsy Wants

So I check out Etsy fairly regularly (I'm on their mailing list). Big fan of micro-manufacturing. Big fan of buying from crafty people. Jealous of their mad DIY skillzzzzzzzzz.

Some of my latest wants:

No idea where I'd keep these (not in my house). Skulls are kind of
lame, but I still like the cartoony-nature of the mugs and jug.

This is more for work I think. I'd love to have an old radio like this to listen to the CBC during work hours. Maybe mod it so that I could run my iPod/iPhone through it too.

I'm not sure when a block of wood would come in handy, but I like it and I kind of want it. It's reminiscent of one in style garage I've been coveting (but that one is one solid piece).

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