Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ghengis Tron

On the topic of music, this Ghengis Tron video is fantastic.

I had the pleasure of playing with these guys at Sneaky Dees when Wooden Ox played our first (and hopefully not last) show a few years back.

At the time, Ghengis Tron was a little bit more hectic, a little more rabid, but still 100% awesome.

This song incorporates some of the old but has some more melody and nice guitar to boot.

Gettin' Old

I'm not getting old, but I'm getting adult-ish.

Baby on the way!
New car!

In completely unrelated news, newer Mastodon videos aren't necessarily as good as older ones.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 Etsy Wants

So I check out Etsy fairly regularly (I'm on their mailing list). Big fan of micro-manufacturing. Big fan of buying from crafty people. Jealous of their mad DIY skillzzzzzzzzz.

Some of my latest wants:

No idea where I'd keep these (not in my house). Skulls are kind of
lame, but I still like the cartoony-nature of the mugs and jug.

This is more for work I think. I'd love to have an old radio like this to listen to the CBC during work hours. Maybe mod it so that I could run my iPod/iPhone through it too.

I'm not sure when a block of wood would come in handy, but I like it and I kind of want it. It's reminiscent of one in style garage I've been coveting (but that one is one solid piece).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Young Smokers In Love...With Smoking

I smoked for over 10 years. It sucked. If you asked me to name the worst part of smoking, I'd say all of it. If you asked me the best part, I'd say how cool I looked (I'm sure I looked just like James Dean).

If you asked this lady what the best part of smoking is, I bet she doesn't say the same thing. And I bet she says it in a raspy voice similar to that of Cobra Commander.

I see women like this at my office all the time. Wrinkled and hunched with age, fingers and teeth yellowed by years of cigarettes. I don't want to sound too cruel, but it's fucking awful.

I work on some "smoking cessation" brands so I hear all kinds of focus group info and it's all the same. Smokers will say they'll quit when they're ready and when they want to. We have to tip-toe around the word "addiction" because consumers don't respond well to it.

Here's a news flash: If you've been smoking for more than a year and you're not listening to the logic that smoking is disgusting and severely fucks with your health, then you're probably fucking addicted.

I know it sucks quitting. It can be hard as hell. I quit cold turkey 3 times. This last time for good (it's been over 5 years, I believe). I went through some foul moods and nearly pushed a few people down stairs, but it's worth it.

The sooner you man up and do it the better.

The last thing I want is my friends to end up looking like this.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Funny People

I don't care if Adam Sandler is in it and he hasn't made a funny movie since....uhhhh....


p.s. to all my under-age readers, lie about your age and watch the clip.
p.p.s. then get back to work!!!

Still Life Still

I haven't spent much time in the last few years talking about bands. Maybe it's because I'm out of the loop. Maybe it's because I'm a narcissist and only talk about myself. Maybe it's because I just haven't found anything worth talking about.

Whatever the reason, all that changes. Now.

Chris forwarded me the new Still Life Still record and it is worth listening to on repeat.

I'm not a music reviewer so I can't wax poetic about the subtleties of the songs, or the deft transitions from Minor 7th to Diminished 9th...because I don't know what that means. Other people have compared them to Broken Social Scene and while there are similarities, I don't think that's entirely accurate, fair, or encompasses everything I hear in their music.

What I can say with certainty is that the last album that I picked up that was as listenable and awesome from start to finish was Les Savy Fav's "Let's Stay Friends".

So it's been a while since I've been this impressed.

If nothing else, check it out on Myspace. Then go see them live - they're awesome.

(thanks to Exclaim - I stole their photo).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And I Thought This Was Just A Dream...

I found this video on FilmDrunk and I have to warn you, it's pretty amazing.

While stupid white guys were busy making crappy horror movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, someone (edit: two guys, actually) in Japan was busy getting really high and dreaming up the best movie of all time, Hausu.

I am yet to watch the movie in its entirety and worry that I may have a seizure if I do; but in short doses this is the movie dreams are made of.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wedding frenzy

Now I don't want to be all wedding guy on you, but holy shit I got married and it was the best fucking day of my life.

If you were there I love you. If you weren't I probably do love you and I'm sorry I didn't invite you. Here's the kicker about weddings, and the advice that rang true the most: inevitably someone is going to be pissed off, hurt, or otherwise hate your fucking guts. Best you can do is move on. Worst you can do is try to please everyone.

God knows I wanted all my friends there, but there's no way we could have packed a) the ceremony room tighter, b) my apartment tighter/hotter, or c) Terroni tighter/hotter.

A looked amazing/stunning/holyshitimarriedthehottestgirlever, no religious stuff in the service, quick service, picketers let us through, father in law's speech, brother's speech, parents were amazing, drinks were flowing, champagne all over my walls/friends pants, more food than you could throw at a medieval knight, terroni staff kicked ass (adelaide location, cantina room was fantastic), everyone looked fucking awesome, out of towners, stories of booty calls, not sweating too much, not barfing or passing out during the ceremony, being macho and rad.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time Is At A Premium

What the hell happened? Where in the hell did all my time go?

Turns out getting married is a busy affair. The lead up to Friday (read: holy shit, that's tomorrow) has been fast and furious this week.

Let me tell you a little something else about planning a wedding:

You're going to fuck something up. It's ok. Just deal with it and move on. There is no one person on earth who will get it perfect. If I'm wrong I don't want to meet that person because they're an asshole and probably a show off and racist and they eat babies to stay young.

So I am currently the proud owner of 17 cases of beer (more to pick up today), 24 bottles of wine, 1 new suit, 2 new pounds of fat around my gut from eating cake and not going to the gym this week, and some serious bags under my eyes.

But I'm marrying the most beautiful and smartest girl I've ever met, so IN YOUR FACE WORLD.