Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dogs Dogs, Everywhere is Dogs

Looooong weekend.

Went to the burbs - helped lay patio stones. Brought both dogs. Both dogs escaped.

First dog required me to leap the fence like an olympic hurdler and dash through damp bushes (it was an hour after the storm). Soaked and annoyed, but Neko looked thoroughly impressed with herself. I swear she squeezed out of a whole in the fence no larger than a cantaloupe. Or maybe a grapefruit.

Second dog, Dottie, managed to squeak past us as we were bringing in patio stones. Less fun/funny. Dropped very heavy patio stone and took off like Usain Bolt - only slower, shorter, and whiter. She was running for the hills at break neck speed, and I wanted to break her neck.

Got close, she bolted in the other direction.

At this point, I'd already done the 400 meter sprint. She, being an olympian, opted to continue on and run another 600 meters.

So I'm already sweating from laying patio stones, shirtless, covered in mud, and at this point heaving trying to catch my breath from a balls-out sprint when she decides that this run needs to continue across 4 lanes of traffic and into some parking lot.

Another 750 meters, several curse words, more sweat, strange looks from pedestrians, and I finally catch up to the wretched beast.

She's rolling in shit.

Should have adopted a guinea pig.

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