Friday, April 17, 2009

I Want To Win A Nissan Cube....and some cake.

It's official. I'm in. Go HERE to vote for me. Someone said the car looked girly, but I think it's rad. Love the asymmetrical window at the back. And the grill looks better than my face. And your face. Your face is ugly. But vote for me.

Testament to absentmindedness: burning self on hot iron this morning. Now watching arm get blotchy and what looks like blistery. I'm an ass. An ass with a very well ironed shirt though.

Week two of bikini bod mission over, not as successful as week one. Beer interrupted. No chips though. Banana hammocks still on hold.

Last night were two amazing shows - both of which I missed. Groceries + dogs + exhaustion = lame-o. Sorry dudes. Mission: see Metz. Second mission: sneak on a flight out East to go watch them play w/new Eric's Trip band.


  1. If you win this, I fully expect you to drive to Victoria for a week and play vids with me. We'll buy Lucky. You can bring Hero Burger and Pizzaola. I'll set up stadium seating. It'll be like old times.